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The New Jersey Youth Club is a state recognized Non-Profit Organization that is located in Newark and provides valuable services in various counties for teenagers. The teen members of our youth club enjoy many benefits from the program and also learn skills they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

There is plenty of things that teens can get involved in between the ages of 14-17 such as: sports, boy or girl scouts, book clubs, after school programs and so on. But what if the teen is not cut out for sports or all of the above. There are so many areas in the State of New Jersey that don't have decent parks or after school programs and some areas are infested with drugs and crime which sometimes leaves no alternative for these teens to do something positive and constructive in their neighborhood.

Without positive influence combined with nothing constructive to do these teens are at high risk to: take drugs, drink alcohol, commit crime, join gangs and so on which usually leads to a life in and out of prison or even....early death.


Our program is designed to give teenagers hope and an opportunity to do and learn something positive that can be helpful to fight the peer pressure that most teens go through today.

Where to Find Us:

New Jersey Youth Club Inc.
One Gateway Ctr
Newark, NJ 07102


Office: 973 645-9476

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm


Director: Nathan Jackson

Phone: 631.524.5222

Email: director@njyc.org


Crew Manager: Luis Cruz

Email: Lcruz@njyc.org

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